Individual Therapy

Working collaboratively, we will highlight areas in your life that are working well and identify areas that you would like to improve.  Through therapy, you can develop the ability to become more aware of patterns of thinking, feeling and interacting you have developed over the years and instead of relying exclusively on these habitual reactions, your increased awareness will allow you to develop more satisfying, flexible responses.  We will work actively together to understand the ways that may help you to have a deeper sense of yourself which can in turn allow you to approach relationships in a more connected, productive way.

These are some common challenges that bring people into individual therapy:

Therapy can be helpful to address an immediate and specific life challenge as well to address those longer-standing life issues. Taking that first step to access therapy can be challenging and you may encounter one of those habitual responses that can make taking that first step seem impossible. 

A complimentary 15-minute consultation can help answer some questions about how I work and give you a sense of how we might work together. Therapy sessions are available in either one of my two offices, or through a confidential, convenient Telehealth Platform

Therapy can help…

As a seasoned, insight oriented therapist, I can help you in your efforts to resolve current life challenges as well as to tackle more long standing issues. Working collaboratively and respectfully I am able to assist you as you develop deeper insight, cultivate a greater sense of well-being and implement more effective life strategies.