Couples Therapy

Listening carefully, clarifying communication, identifying both spoken and unspoken needs, facilitating respectful dialogue, exploring more satisfying ways to connect, are all essential components of effective couple’s therapy.  We will work together to identify each individual’s perspective; to understand particular needs for connection and autonomy, to clarify preferred modes of support, and develop a clearer idea as to how each partner’s history may be manifesting in this relationship. Developing a deeper understanding of one another can lead to an increased sense of closeness and intimacyIncreased pleasure and satisfaction in the parental role

We will identify areas where communication may falter, where repeated conflict appears, and which attempts at repair have not been effective.  Together we will develop more productive conflict resolution skills, identify ways to communicate more effectively and we will explore what more satisfying emotional and physical intimacy might look like. Partnerships require collaboration, with a shared commitment to common goals.   For a partnership to be successful, each individual must feel that their own needs are understood and respected and that there is a safe and welcoming place to bring their whole selves. Couples therapy can help create and support this safe space where intimacy can grow, and couples can feel the freedom to create their own unique partnership.

These are some common challenges that bring people into couple’s therapy:

A complimentary 15-minute consultation can help answer some questions about how I work and give you a sense of how we might work together. Therapy sessions are available in either one of my two offices, or through a confidential, convenient Telehealth Platform

    Therapy can help…

    As a seasoned, insight oriented therapist, I can help you in your efforts to resolve current life challenges as well as to tackle more long standing issues. Working collaboratively and respectfully I am able to assist you as you develop deeper insight, cultivate a greater sense of well-being and implement more effective life strategies.