A few things you may be wondering about…

How do I schedule the first appointment?

Phone me: 310.281.7456 Email me: sschwartzphd@gmail.com


So, I decide to call, what next.

Your call will be returned within 24 hours.
We will briefly discuss your concerns to make sure that I can potentially be helpful
We will schedule an initial appointment in either my Sherman Oaks or Los Angeles office


How will I know if the therapy is working

Psychotherapy is a process that has stops and starts, but generally should follow a course where you acquire increased insight and have a sense that your concerns are being addressed. As the process continues, pay attention to changes in your thinking and feeling which should lead to a greater sense of satisfaction and mastery in your life.


How do I select a therapist?

  • Consider a recommendation from a trusted friend or colleague
  • Consider someone who specializes in and has experience in treating your particular concern
  • In the first meeting pay attention to what is said, not said and how it feels
  • Give yourself a chance; recognize that beginning therapy may initially feel awkward
  • Speak to more than one therapist if you are not sure that the connection is right


How do I know when therapy might be helpful?

  • When specific life stressors interfere with optimal functioning
  • When relationships feel unmanageable
  • When your sense of self is impaired
  • When you find yourself repeating familiar and non- productive patterns